Design updates in the FinTech industry

We analyzed the cases of the world's top studios and picked the most interesting designs recently in the FinTech industry.
Transfer Galaxy

The platform is international and the use of sandy hues and colors in the design based on commonalities found of nature in the receiving nations. Dynamic animations support the idea of speed, fluid transfers and conveys brand’s uniqueness, while the simple and no-fuss visual identity puts the focus on its functionality.
Ria Money Transfer

The warm and bright orange color creates a sense of support that the company gives to its customers. The visual language is simple and shows the plainness of user experience. Black and white line illustrations in any style are used, making it possible to order designers from any country.
Aion Bank

The identity of the brand is emphasized, namely the special innovative technologies that it provides, through the interface. The design is refined and comfortable, it does not take much attention, but at the same time adds harmony.

The warm orange hue in the design is soothing and helps to feel the brand's desire to help their customers. The interface is clear and not cumbersome, which also increases the trust in the brand.

The corporate identity conveys a combination of stability and innovation. A concise design with graphic textures shows the real-time market behavior and the company's ability to respond to changes in a sustainable way.
It is important to convey to users a sense of friendliness and show a desire to make their everyday life easier in the design of FinTech.
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