Digital design for HealthTech

This week we analyzed 5 websites of HealthTech startups from the list of unicorn companies in 2021.
We are all tired of clinical style with blue colors and medical gowns on websites of the health industry. Let’s check how successful startups make the design of their products empathetic and more personal.
Alto is a pharmacy company with free same-day delivery. Just look at their friendly style using a pastel color and endearing illustrations.
Athletic Greens is the producer of foundational nutrition. Well-balanced style with elegant typography and deep green color. It feels trusted and natural.
Zocdoc is a digital healthcare marketplace for in-person or virtual care. It passed with unusual accent yellow color for this industry like a sun on a blue sky. The weakest part is the illustrations in different styles.
Color democratizes access to genetic information. The visual identity works off geometric shapes, bright colors, and detailed illustrations. Note the fun photos of the team.
Noom is a mobile health company that develops behavioral change programs that combine human coaches with personalized content to help people achieve their wellness goals. The style is built on unusual visual solutions — collages and using a pastel color scheme for comfort.
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