In 4 weeks, we created a corporate identity, drew illustrations and launched a new website for Reelo

Reelo is a relocation service for digital nomads, companies and startups. Since 2018, Reelo has helped over 8,000 people with company registration, opening bank accounts, renting apartments, and dealing with taxes.





It was challenging to create a platform on Tilda that is convenient to develop without engaging a designer, and to create an identity that reflects the humanity of the brand

Choosing a country, jurisdiction, compliance with legal formalities, resolving tax issues... It's boring, confusing, and takes a lot of time.
That’s why Reelo is a friend and assistant who supports, advises and helps overcome the difficulties of relocation. This is reflected in the visual language through friendly illustrations of characters and scribbles of various shapes that appear in the margins of a diary belonging to a person lost in thought.
Freedom is the key metaphor that was immediately reflected in the logo
Each letter makes its own choice of what to do and how to look, while remaining in balance with the system. "E" and "R" decided to change their thickness, "O" changed the angle of inclination, adding dynamics to the whole structure.
The result is a vibrant, friendly style that's easy to maintain and develop
We created a whole pack of illustrations and masks for photos so that the Reelo team can independently maintain style in a digital environment.
We disassembled the product into components and rebuilt the information architecture of the site
The site was designed in FigJam: we discussed, moved sections, and shared ideas. There are over 70 countries on the site. Each has several locations with apartments and lots of options for relocation packages. When the Reelo team fills the whole site, there will be several hundred pages.
It’s easy to add new content
To help the Reelo team quickly add new pages, we used the Streams feature and the catalog, adapted them to our needs, and recorded video instructions. We also created a personal account for the Reelo Club members.
Project Team
Sergey Kazankov
Website design, Tilda layout
Branding, illustrations
Art Direction
Tatiana Devayeva
Anastasia Sycheva
Feedback on cooperation
Zarina Maizel
Feely Studio's outputs were met with positive feedback from internal team members and website visitors. The team effectively stayed on track with the timeline, going above and beyond to achieve results. Their deep involvement with the project was commendable.
CEO & Co-Founder Reelo
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