Design trends in the crypto industry

We’ve visited a bunch of crypto startup websites to analyze the design and here are our thoughts about the trends: colors, styles, and patterns.
Dark Mode

Using dark mode is an easy way to look sleek and professional. It’s the most popular design decision among crypto design.
Gradients and neon

Gradients in the crypto industry becomes mainstream. It is showing no sign of slowing down in 2019. And it feels like people are tired from this graphic solution.
3D models

Using 3D design provides cryptocurrency with a sense of tangibility. Designers visualize cryptocurrencies, technology, and work scheme or just use 3D shapes as branding elements.
Fancy illustrations and friendly fonts

This style is mostly used in NFT. Rounded typography, coupled with cute illustrations, creates an image of a friendly, open brand, inspires confidence with its naivety.

Simple minimal design provides a clean and modern visual experience, and adds clarity to a complex crypto world. It seems that in this area minimalism becomes a memorable visual attribute among the catchy design adopted in the industry. But don't be too boring.
To the uninitiated, the crypto world can be complicated and misunderstood. So besides outstanding design, there is a crucial task for a designer to deliver clear messaging about the product.
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